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Are Sex Toys Really So Bad? | Today's Christian Woman

The practice of using sex toys and porn to enhance eroticism is not ideal and is not without definite dangers. In our counseling practice, Melissa and I are seeing increasing numbers of individuals of both sexes who have become seriously addicted to pornographic stimulation.

It is wrong to use sex toys | Tell Me Pastor | Jamaica Star

Some see nothing wrong with it, while others believe that it is wrong. There are individuals who use sex toys to satisfy themselves because their spouses are away for a long length of time. Others don't use anything else apart from their fingers. Based on the tone of your letter, you consider it to be wrong.

How Sex Toys Impact Relationships | Psychology Today

The belief that “using a sex toy means your partner isn’t a good enough lover is one of the most common misconceptions people have about sex toys," says licensed marriage and family therapist ...

7 Things You Just Really Shouldn't Use as Toys During ...

Given that they’re long and can vibrate, electric toothbrushes are practically begging to be used as sex toys. Still, Dr. Streicher advises against it. Still, Dr. Streicher advises against it.

Do you think it is sinful to own/use sex toys? | Christian Forums

Sinful, well, maybe it depends on how one views sin, and maybe the nature of the sex toy (I would imagine ones designed for more than two people to use would probably be a bit questionable). But I don't honestly recall any biblical verse which states that only 1 sex position can be acceptable or that inanimate objects can't get in on it.

Sex Toys in Marriage - Focus on the Family

And if either of you has a history of pornography use, sex addiction, or sexual abuse, you should definitely steer clear of sex toys altogether. Using them will reinforce a predisposition to depersonalize sexual intimacy, which might encourage involvement in dark, pornographically related sexual practices.

Should Christians Use Sex Toys? Porn Pastor Answers in 'Best ...

"Porn pastor" Craig Gross says sex toys can be used in the marriage bedroom but he draws a line at toys that cause harm, such as the ones used in the 50 Shades trilogy. "We go to adult trade shows … every sex toy imaginable is there …

5 things you should NEVER use as a sex toy to masturbate ...

5 things you should NEVER use as a sex toy to masturbate. ... While there is no right or wrong way when it comes to pleasing yourself, now and then, we do come across a case or two of this session ...

Teenagers and sex toys? Seriously? - Hot Topics | Forums ...

Honestly, I'd rather my son use a sex you than go off at 14-17 and have real sex, it seems a heck of a lot safer to me. Same with a daughter, if you feel comfortable just you and yourself, all power to you! Sex is a very natural human need at that age, you are programmed to seek it out on your most basic chemical level.

Christian Sex: What Are Christian Couples Allowed to Do?

Most believe that married couples are allowed to engage in sex that is honoring to God and can use sex toys as well as engage in oral sex if the couple feels as though it is okay for them in their marriage.