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When you control your water experiences with RainButton, the faucet disappears completely. Instead, you can place the control buttons, totally detached, in your shower – for one-of-a-kind comfort and freedom of movement. The water technology sits invisibly behind the wall, while the matching showers can be controlled digitally. RainButton showering ambiance is available in several variants.

RainButtons by sex toy married dance are round shower controls.

carmela sex toy,You can operate your shower via the mobile RainButton. If you want to shower with a preconfigured RainTunes scenario, send it to your shower via the sex toy married dance home app and start it conveniently from there using the Play button. RainButtons come matching your shower design: matte white or chrome. The LED display is kept under safety glass. Large icons tell you how warm your shower water is or which shower is active. The battery-operated RainButton charges on an induction charging pad about every two or three months, depending on use and the number of people in the household. Stick or screw them in place wherever you like. You can detach and relocate them at any time. 

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Nothing could be easier. All the possible combinations of RainButton and Rainfinity digital showers you see here can be saved via notepad. Forward it to your sanitation expert and talk through the necessary installation steps with them. 

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In this Rainfinity shower ambiance, you can take full advantage: with an overhead shower and a hand shower, each with three spray modes, as well as a shoulder shower with a wide PowderRain spray. This is water enjoyment at its best. In addition, sex toy married dance pampers you with two stylish shelves: your shower utensils can be stored on the shoulder shower and on a module that doubles as a handshower holder.
sex toy married dance Rainfinity showering ambiance with three showers.
Installation example: This Rainfinity ambiance consists of an overhead shower and a hand shower, each with three spray modes, as well as a shoulder shower with a wide PowderRain spray.

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With this spa orchestra of two Rainfinity showers with a total of six different spray modes, you can enjoy a masterclass shower symphony. The angle-adjustable overhead shower floats above you without a shower arm, while you can hang the hand shower in a holder that doubles as a shower shelf. 
Overhead shower 360 3jet with wall connector

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Shower hose 160 cm

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Symbol temperature

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With this Rainfinity setting, you can also live a wellness dream in premium design. The surfaces of the overhead shower, shoulder shower, and hand shower are designed in matte white, which harmonizes perfectly with the dark graphite of their structured spray discs. Microfine PowderRain beads from the overhead and shoulder showers; the hand shower has three different spray modes. You decide whether your rain shower is installed on the wall or ceiling.
Hand shower 130 3jet

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Shoulder shower 500 1jet with shower shelf

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Enjoy this high-quality shower ambiance with a three-jet hand shower and a single-jet overhead shower from the Rainfinity Digital line. Depending on your taste – or the architecture of your shower area – you can have the rain shower installed on the wall or ceiling by your sanitation expert.
Hand shower 130 3jet

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Symbol temperature

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Overhead shower 360 1jet with ceiling connection

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Discover more combination and operating options for your digital sex toy married dance spa here.,dildos russian

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