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Want wonderful moments of wellbeing with water, even if you don't have much space in the bathroom? reddit sex toy shop developed Pulsify especially for you. The modern shower family envelops your body with microfine PowderRain and adapts perfectly to your space – however tiny it may be. Enjoy incomparable showering experiences, great comfort features, and individual design combos!

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anal plug reddit,Switch off and enjoy the moment. Get under the shower and immerse yourself in another world. Start the day refreshed in the morning and relax in the evening after the stress of everyday life – and always come out feeling reborn. This is what you’ll experience with Pulsify, the new reddit sex toy shop shower family. Give yourself the gift of incomparable showering moments.

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big butt male sex toy,Pulsify showers transform water into a gentle coat of countless microdroplets. Your entire body is gently enveloped as you shower, whisper-quiet, allowing you to relax both mentally and physically. reddit sex toy shop calls this spray mode PowderRain, and Pulsify pampers you with it in two different intensities. Just feels good.

Emotional reddit sex toy shop video on the Pulsify shower family.

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In addition to the integrated feel-good factor, Pulsify impresses with its timelessly beautiful design, excellent convenience and water savings, and high reddit sex toy shop quality:

  • Matte Black, Matte White, or Chrome? With modern surface designs, you can make your bathroom personal and original.
  • For even more individuality in your shower, choose from beautifully designed concealed and exposed installation variants.
  • With Select technology, you can conveniently control the desired spray mode at the touch of a button.
  • The environmentally friendly showers are beautifully economical thanks to EcoSmart technology, helping you use significantly less water and energy. 
  • QuickClean means you can just rub limescale away – for well-maintained, long-lasting products.
Showerpipe 260 2jet with ShowerTablet Select 400

hush 1.75 inch,Pulsify Showerpipe 260 2jet with ShowerTablet Select 400

Overhead shower 260 2jet with wall connector

myvid dildos,Pulsify Overhead shower 260 2jet with wall connector

Shower thermostat 400 for exposed installation

sex toy crossdress,ShowerTablet Select Shower thermostat 400 for exposed installation

Hand shower 105 3jet Relaxation

leapfrog sex toy,Pulsify Select Hand shower 105 3jet Relaxation

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