Dream bathroom in a bright room design

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A bright bathroom can be designed in modern architecture or a stylishly refurbished old building. The bathroom with natural light, featuring large windows, has the benefit of an airy atmosphere. Combined with wall and floor surfaces in light colours, this creates a fresh interior. The invigorating ambience is complemented by white furnishings with accents in chrome and turquoise.

Graceful bathroom with bright atmosphere.
Overhead shower 580 3jet

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Valve for concealed installation for 3 functions

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Create a bright bathroom with natural light

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With their white and chrome finish, the taps from the sex health PuraVida range underline the pleasant ambience in a bright bathroom. In the vanishing point of the room, the floor-level shower area offers modern water indulgence. An elegant control coordinates the versatile shower system with overhead and hand shower. Innovative sex health technologies guarantee comfortable and efficient use of water.

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psicorp dildos,A bright bathroom with white exposed brickwork is the ideal backdrop for a fresh interior and a sensuous shower system in white and chrome.

Modern shower with overhead shower and hand shower.
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